All about Himalayan Rock Salt


Himalayan Salt, A Blessing to have around

Salt is often viewed as something that is used just to add taste to food. However, there is much more to the Himalayan salt that meets the eye. This natural resource is found in abundance in the Himalayan Salt Range. Initiating our discussion, let us have a detailed look into the various aspects that enhance the importance of natural salt.

Chemical Composition

Taking the chemical composition of natural salt into consideration, the Himalayan Rock Salt is by far the purest form in which it exists. The following table includes detailed information about its chemical composition.

Sodium Chloride98.6%
Iron0.04 ppm
Water Insoluble0.17%

Discovered in the Ancient Ages

The history of rock salt is quite an interesting one as it goes approximately 8000 years back. It is known that the first extracts were discovered in Northern China in the same period. However, many historians also mention that the initial harvests of salt were first seen in Romania.

Moreover, it was in 326 B.C when Alexander was on his quest to conquer the world when the salt licks were discovered. It was discovered when the horses alongside the military troops started to lick rocks instead of grazing grass. It was at that time that people realized the importance of natural rock salt. Today we call it Himalayan Lick Salt or Salt Licks, You can buy Himalayan lick Salt from Unique Minerals

How is Himalayan Rock Salt Different?

The natural rock salt found in the Himalayan Salt Range differs from the normal table salt in number of ways.


Firstly, there is a considerable difference in the level of purity between the two. The normal table salt is processed in a number of ways and heated at around 1200 degrees in order to be dried. Heating at such an immense temperature almost kills the nutrients found in the natural salt. In addition to that, the Himalayan salt includes the elements like magnesium and iodine that are quite beneficial for the human body. On the contrary, the Himalayan pink salt is naturally preserved by a well-kept tectonic pressure that protects the reserves from impurities.

Beneficial for Human Health

Apart from it being the purest form of natural salt, the Himalayan rock salt also has a healthy impact on the human body. It is a lesser known fact that the natural salt is beneficial for health in a number of ways. Moving further, let us have a look at some of the prominent advantages of salt related to health.

Air Purifier

The Himalayan rock salt is also a natural air purifier. This is so because it conducts the process of ionization to do so. There are numerous positive ions diffused into the air by various modern gadgets that are commonly used today. These ions do have an adverse effect on the human body. However, natural salt has the ability to neutralize this effect by releasing negative ions into the air. In this way, the surrounding air is purified. You can buy Himalayan Salt Inhalers as well now to help curing any sort of respiratory problems

It keeps you Hydrated

Salt is a natural resource that helps you to avoid dehydration. A look at the Asian region tells us that most of the areas here have a hot climate. In order to cope with the high temperatures, the human body needs to keep itself hydrated. The water levels in the human body cannot only be kept in order by relying on the water intake. Therefore, the use of natural salt aids the process of regulation of water levels in the body.

Stability of pH Level

Another benefit of natural salt is the maintainability of the pH levels in the human body. The pH level in the human body has an impact on the process of digestion and the relevant organs. Therefore, an imbalance in this regard can be devastating for human health. The use of Himalayan Pink Salt helps you to keep the pH levels normal in order to avoid indigestion and acidity that can disrupt the functionality of the stomach.

Effective Metabolism

The problems related to weight have seen a considerable rise all over the world during the past few years. Cases related to the problems of being over or underweight prove to be quite troublesome for a large population. Natural pink salt has the ability to improve the process of metabolism in human body that aids maintaining a proper Body Mass Index (BMI).

Continuing the discussion further, let us have a look at the uses of the Himalayan rock salt.


The natural salt extracted from the Himalayan Salt Range has a number of industrial and other uses. That is why this type of salt has acquired a great deal of importance for a large number of health and business enthusiasts. Its wide range of uses expands from the treatment of sinus and asthma to the products used for home décor.  Its uses can be categorized into industrial, domestic and agricultural.


Rock salt is also an essential requirement for various industries. Where the textile industry makes use of salt in the process of dying, the chemical industry is also aided by the natural salt in order to run multiple chemical processes. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry largely relies on natural salt as the formulation of almost every medicine requires a certain percentage of salt. Moreover, the preservation of canned food also requires natural salt which makes it a mandatory component too.


A wide range of domestic uses are mostly related to home décor. The salt lamps do not only provide a mesmerizing ambience to a household but also is an aesthetic use of natural salt. In addition to that, the salt tiles are also used for the decoration purposes that give beautify a house internally.

Moreover, the salt inhaler can is commonly used in order to curtail asthma symptoms as well as avoid the issues related to sinus. The natural salt facilitates the treatment by improving the breathing process.

Furthermore, the bath salt is also a domestic application of natural salt as it is also preferred by a large number of people. Apart from the home décor, another domestic use is that of the cooking plates. These cooking plates crafted using the natural rock salt are also preferred by a large number of people for the purpose of cooking.


Lick salt addresses the nutritional requirements of the livestock. For instance, the cows need these licks in order to maintain their body-fluid balance. By doing so, they are able to contribute in agriculture effectively.

Highway De-Icing

Natural rock salt is commonly used for the process of de-icing. As we know that a number of countries located in the North experience severely cold climate. The accumulation of ice after prolonged snowfalls brings mobility to a complete halt. In order to address that problem and clear the streets for traveling, the process of de-icing is done by making use of the natural salt.

Where to Buy Himalayan Rock Salt?

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What is the toxicity of your toothpaste?

What is the toxicity of your toothpaste?

This article is about to that how to use Himalayan Edible Salt in Toothpaste. The Himalayan Pink Salt can help your teeth and gums with a few ways. As per the National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) Himalayan Pink Salt can protect the teeth from the acids and bacteria that cause decay. It also helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the gums. If you want to buy the Himalayan Pink Salt from Pakistan. You can contact to the Unique Mineral who is the top salt dealer in Pakistan and Himalayan Pink Salt Exporter from Pakistan. They are the great name in the field of Himalayan Salt Suppliers in Pakistan which deals all kind of Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan.

The current market is awash with toothpaste choices, including several “natural” choices. Just take a look at the print, the long list of ingredients on a toothpaste label. Hazardous ingredients such as glycerin, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sorbitol, aspartame, fluoride and triclosan are listed on all toothpaste labels. Not only do the FDA and toothpaste manufacturers know that the ingredients are dangerous, but they also warn you on the label that it is not safe to swallow. Seriously? Something we are supposed to wash our mouth with is dangerous if it is swallowed?

So, what are these ingredients doing? Glycerin contributes to demineralization and can prevent remineralization.Himalayan Salt with Toothpaste Sodium lauryl sulphate is easily absorbed by the body and is considered a carcinogen. It can also cause irritation of the skin and eyes, hormonal imbalances, structural protein denaturation, mouth ulcers and mouth ulcers. SLS is a foaming agent which is a synthetic chemical added to products. SLS is also commonly used in products such as engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners.

Artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sorbitol and aspartame are added to toothpastes to mask the horrible chemical taste. Saccharin is made from petroleum products. Formaldehyde is a by-product of aspartame. These artificial sweeteners may cause side effects such as: headache, dizziness, mood swings, vomiting or nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, convulsions, memory loss, fatigue, numbness, joint pain, depression, anxiety, blurred vision, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, systemic lupus and various cancers.

Triclosan is not a known toxin. Present in deodorants, toothpastes, antibacterial soaps, etc., this ingredient is highly toxic and also causes cancer. Researchers at Virginia Tech have found that triclosan, when mixed with chlorine in tap water, forms chloroform. Whenever you brush your teeth with toxic toothpaste and tap water, you create a very toxic chemical reaction directly in your mouth. The same is true when you wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

FBA classifies Fluoride as a “toxic drug” by the FDA. Sodium fluoride was once widely used as an insecticide and rodenticide. So why would we want to rub this toxic drug all around our mouth to be able to ingest it? Chronic exposure to fluoride can have serious adverse effects on the whole body. Fluoride can cause side effects such as brain damage, decreased IQ in children, damage to the pineal gland, thyroid, bones, gastrointestinal tract and cancers. Not only in toothpastes, fluoride exposure is added when considering dental products, dental treatments, and water supplies, all of which contain fluoride.

Himalayan Salt with ToothpasteHimalayan salt is also crucial for proper oral care. It reduces the formation of tartar and also helps prevent cavities. Most dental cavities are caused by a too acidic flora of the mouth and throat. Himalayan salt returns the oral flora to a neutral and balanced state and will cure existing diseases, rot or decomposition and prevent future events. It also helps to protect and regenerate the enamel.

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What are the Beneficial Properties of Himalayan Salt


Himalayan, it is pink, salt is used for different purposes for a very long time. It is suitable for decorating the steam room, and for cooking, and as an additive in food, and for decorating the rooms. In addition, it serves as the main component for the manufacture of various cosmetics: scrubs, soap, bath salts and the like. The peculiarities of the Himalayan salt crystals, its beneficial properties, as well as the use of soap and other means in everyday life will be discussed in more detail in this article.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt



Himalayan Pink Salt has many beneficial properties, which is why it is used in various fields. We list the main advantages:

  1. It is considered the purest substance among analogues worldwide. It is mined by hand and, moreover, is not treated with chemicals or thermally. That is why all the useful elements are absorbed by the human body without additional harmful impurities. Thus, we can conclude that the minimally purified and treated salt will be more beneficial for the body than the mechanically obtained (for example, stone).
  2. The composition of the pink Himalayan salt includes more than 25 different trace elements, such as calcium, potassium, copper, iodine, and many others. Here they are preserved in their natural form, the human body fully assimilates them without any difficulties in the metabolism. If you use salt components regularly, you can completely restore the necessary amount of minerals and trace elements for the body.
  3. The use of salt components helps to maintain water-salt balance. In addition, the Himalayan pink salt freely passes liquid in the tissues (unlike the same cook) and contains the necessary amount of electrolytes that do not allow dehydration.
  4. Significant benefits in the treatment and prevention of diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system. To reduce pain in the joints, experts recommend adding salt components while bathing.
  5. Cleansing the entire body of accumulated toxins and slags. Properly prepared saline solution quickly restores damaged organs and rejuvenates the skin.
  6. Used as an effective treatment for allergies and asthma. This tool stabilizes the central nervous system, relieves fatigue, relieves insomnia. There is a non-standard method of prevention: patients are placed in specially equipped salt caves, saturated with ions.
  7. Often the product is used for serious skin problems. It helps to cope with inflammation of the sebaceous glands, acne and, in some cases, with psoriasis. It perfectly cleanses the skin and removes dead, dead cells.
  8. Salt baths are popular in cosmetology. Salt components contribute to the improvement of body metabolism, burn excess fat. Specially made scrub improves the appearance of the skin, making it smooth and elastic. Such baths soothe and relax.
  9. Increased immunity is another plus. Salt crystals help with respiratory diseases, flu prevention. It is also recommended to do inhalation to relieve sinusitis and dry cough.


Himalayan Salt Benefits

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Uses of Salt Lamp – Instructions for the User


Many people from those who are going to purchase or have already purchased a Himalayan salt lamp are asked many questions. How does a Himalayan salt lamp work? How to use it? Where better to install this miracle? How to care for a salt lamp?  Dear friends! To answer these and other questions, we wrote a small instruction for you, which describes the features of using a salt lamp. Unique Mineral is a Himalayan Salt Supplier from Pakistan and salt dealer in Pakistan which provide the different products of salt. You may Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan from the Himalayan Salt Lamps wholesaler from Pakistan (Unique Mineral).


The Himalayan salt lamp is a ceiling made of a whole Himalayan salt crystal, inside of which there is an incandescent bulb. This salt has been formed for hundreds of millions of years from the waters of the world’s oceans, accumulating in itself a huge amount of chemical compounds and trace elements. Himalayan salt is very different from sea or rock salt. In the process of formation, it interacted with magma and was enriched with potassium, magnesium, copper and other elements. This explains its pleasant pinkish hue and its beneficial effects on the human body. Himalayan salt lamp is a unique natural mineral and source of health.

Salt Lamp uses



When turned on, the lamp begins to gradually warm up the salt dome. As it warms up, it begins to release negatively charged ions into the air. (Ion – electrically charged particle). These ions have a beneficial effect on human health. In addition, they bind and neutralize positive man-made ions. Inhalation of air saturated with negative ions helps to strengthen the immune system, helps to treat asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis and ARVI.

The useful effect of the Himalayan salt lamp does not end there. Stone salt crystal has another useful property. It cleans the air, attracting to itself the smallest weightless dust that is difficult to remove even with air purifiers. And still the Himalayan salt lamp the magnificent lamp. The soft, pleasant warm light that it radiates perfectly soothes and relieves accumulated stress. The lamp does not give a lot of light, which makes it a great nightlight for the bedroom.

The effectiveness of any salt lamp depends on its size, the larger the useful area of ​​the ceiling, the greater the area extends its useful effect.


The use of a salt lamp is very simple and does not require any special knowledge. Choose a suitable place, install the lamp, turn on and enjoy the result.


When installing a Himalayan salt lamp, the following principle applies: it is best if the lamp is installed where you stay the longest period of time. For example, at the head of the bed in the bedroom, on a computer table or say on a table next to the sofa. Himalayan Salt Lamp helps reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, it can and should be installed in a room where there are electrical appliances (TV, computer, microwave oven, etc.)

When choosing the location of the Himalayan salt lamp, consider one thing. It should not be installed near high humidity areas. Do not use the salt lamp in the bathroom, on the windowsill among potted plants. Do not attempt to place it near a working and humidifier.


Dry the lamp cover with a dry cloth as soon as possible. Wait until it dries in a warm dry place. Do not try to dry the salt lamp by turning it on. From this on it may appear white bloom. If the salt deposit is still formed on your lamp, do not be discouraged. It can be carefully removed with a file.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Uses



Himalayan Salt lamps do not cause allergic reactions. Contraindications to their use are not identified. Side effects are absent. Himalayan Salt lamps can be used at any age. People who have bought this useful device, leave the most positive reviews.


If the bulb fails, it can be replaced. Make it not so difficult. Depending on the design, you need to either unscrew the screws that fix the salt cover, or simply pull out the lamp holder in the event of its fasteners on the elastic spring. Next, replace the lamp with a new one and install the cartridge in the ceiling.


  1. Do not use lamps with a capacity greater than that specified in the passport.
  2. Periodically clean the lamp from dust with a special brush, vacuum cleaner or a dry, smooth cloth. Replace the lamp only when disconnected from the power supply.
  3. Leaving the premises for a long time, it is necessary to turn off the salt lamp and disconnect the power cord from the outlet.
  4. Keep the lamp away from water sources.


Caring for a salt lamp is very simple. Periodically clean the salt cover from dust with a special brush, vacuum cleaner or a dry, smooth cloth.


The most important thing in this matter – to save the lamp from high humidity. If you do not use the salt lamp for a long time – unplug it from the outlet. If you want to store the salt lamp for storage, choose a dry place away from sources of moisture.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Tip for the Consumer

Himalayan Salt Lamp Tip for the Consumer

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Have you ever wondered why people living near sea coasts are less sick? Why, after a holiday at sea, our body heals? Why, after a rest, we are full of strength and energy? After the sea, our children still attend educational institutions for a long time and do not get sick? What is this “magic”?

It turns out that this is due to the properties of sea and ocean salt, which is contained in large quantities in the water and air of the seas. There is still salt in the caves, which reduces the multiplication of dangerous bacteria and ionizes the air. Cave salt, which has been deposited for centuries, also has healing properties.  It is Salt that has healing effects on our body. Did you draw your attention to the fact that there is never any mold in the salt caves? Why it happens?

Himalayan Salt Lamp Uses

Due to the fact that they discovered such properties of salt, experts began to look for ways to use salt in medicine and in the treatment of diseases of different nature. The first methods of therapeutic use are the creation of special salt mines. Subsequently, in the conditions of sanatoriums and medical institutions began to produce artificial salt rooms. To date, salt lamps, convenient for home use, have become widespread. The main difference between a salt lamp and a cave is its low salt concentration. Therefore, the salt lamp is usually switched on overnight and placed near, on the bedside table.

Salt orange, yellow and red hues.

Himalayan Salt Lamp UsesWhy is it important that the luminaire you are planning to buy be yellow, orange or red? These shades give the lamp a warm tone when glowing. Warm tones on a subconscious level calm the person. In addition, these salt lamps do not blind the eyes at night, and you can sleep well.

Salt gets its shade, due to the high saturation of minerals. Colored salt is especially popular. The most famous spread salt from the Pakistani mine located in the Himalayas. Located in the foothills of the Salt Range, the mine is considered the oldest in South Asia. For centuries, salt was transformed into rock by crystallization. Crystallization occurred from seawater, so salt layers contain impurities of foreign bodies and algae. Due to the formation of such layers, the salt has not even different shades.

Pakistani salt from the Himalayas

Salt crystals from the Himalayan field formed more than 300 million years ago. It is Pakistan salt that is famous for its variety of trace elements. 84 trace elements in the composition of the Himalayan salt such as: magnesium, iodine, manganese, iron oxide, selenium, etc. Due to these properties, Himalayan salt is by far the most useful. The crystal structure of salt, which has been subjected to gigantic pressure for millions of years, is also very interesting. Wilhelm Hoefer – Chief Scientist at the Center for Bio-Physical Research in the city of Las Vegas (United States of America) confirmed that the chemical elements in the composition of the Himalayan salt crystals are combined very harmoniously. This allows you to maximize the benefits of the minerals and elements that make up the salt layers.

Fresh air – good for your body!

Negatively charged ions formed when a salt lamp is heated, naturally form after a thunderstorm. Remember how easy it is to breathe on the street, right after the summer rain. The salt lamp on the basis of a golit, will allow you to feel it, without leaving the house.

It has been established that for the normal functioning of the human body, it is necessary that, along with the usual oxygen molecules, negatively charged oxygen ions — the so-called superoxide anion radicals — are present in the air with which it breathes. In nature, the cause of ionization of air are cosmic rays, radioactive elements of the lithosphere and atmosphere, ultraviolet radiation and electrical discharges (thunderstorms). The microflora formed during the operation of the Salt Lamp contributes to a decrease in the activity of inflammatory processes, as well as the reduction of the pathogenic microflora of the respiratory tract, as well as stimulation of the body’s defense mechanisms.

Salt lamp use

What is useful salt lamp? Among the main advantages are:

  • increasing the tone, strengthening the immune system;
  • multiplication of pathogenic fungi, bacteria, and, as a result, the elimination of odors in the room;
  • preventive treatment of sinusitis, asthma, allergies, dermatitis, endocrine system pathologies, diabetes, colds;
  • minimizes instrument radiation
  • contribute to psychological relief

In addition, the salt lamp – the ideal nightlight for the children’s room. The first is dim lighting, which does not interfere with your child’s sleep, the second is the useful properties that the lamp has.

Salt lamp selection

Choose a salt lamp is not difficult. Depending on the shade of salt, you can choose a brighter or dim lamp when lit. But it is worth considering some points:

  • Pay special attention to size and weight. If you plan to put the lamp on the bedside table, or in a small room, then a Himalayan salt lamp of 2-3 kg will be enough for you. On a room of 30 sq.m. You already need a Himalayan salt lamp 5-7 kg . If you have a large room, it is worth considering a large Himalayan salt lamp. For the interior, you can pick up the processed lamps: Bowl , Pyramid , Ball , Drop , Mushroom , Vase, etc.
  • Please note that the original Himalayan salt lamp is not even color. When you turn on the network, on the salt lamp layers of minerals are visible, just as they occur in nature. Only lamps are not even color – guarantee authenticity.
  • Check that the lamp is properly turned on and off. The cartridge should easily go into the wooden stand, the lamp can be easily screwed into the cartridge and burned. The lamp should stand straight, do not stagger.
  • Salt Crystal – Goal
  • Stand – processed wood of a certain thickness
  • Incandescent bulb
  • Cartridge for incandescent bulbs
  • Spring mount system

Features of use and installation of the Salt lamp

  • Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the ionization of air around a not large Salt lamp usually amounts to no more than 3 meters. Therefore, if you plan to install the Salt lamp in a large room, then you will need a large lamp and a small lamp or several small lamps.
  • The size and weight of the lamp depends on the level of cleaning and ionization of the air in the room. The larger the surface area of ​​the Salt Lamp, the better its effectiveness. Therefore. more often they buy lamps from a raw piece of salt, they are called rock . Differ in weight 2-3 kg ., 5-7 kg , 7-10 kg , etc.
  • Salt lamps are recommended to be installed in smoking rooms for air purification. Also, salt lamps are installed near electrical and household appliances, special attention is paid to the TV and computer, to eliminate electromagnetic effects. If you want to get a therapeutic effect, you should put the lamp near the bed. In this case, the salt lamp is turned on all night. Due to its red hue, it does not interfere with sleep, and you breathe freely.

Salt lamp reviews

Most people take care of themselves and the health of their loved ones. Everyone wants fresh air and good microflora in the apartment or house, there were no fungi and various molds that propagate bacteria in themselves, increasing the risks of the disease. Such people have long been using salt lamps. Reviews of these people suggest that the microclimate in residential areas is much better, breathing easier, the level of disease is reduced. For them, the salt lamp is a piece of wildlife.

Salt lamp users based on halite reviews write only positive. No side effects and allergies in people, children and animals Salt lamp does not cause. Therefore, contraindications and Himalayan salt – no. In addition, you get a lamp in your home from environmentally friendly, natural material.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Uses

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Himalayan Pink Salt for Health and Beauty – Secrets to Use

Himalayan Pink Salt for Health and Beauty – Secrets to Use

This salt is included in any program of proper nutrition, healing and rejuvenation of the body. She is included in my detox program. Now I drink water with a pinch of salt every day, and in general I eat it constantly. Most people who think about their health, go to the constant use of Himalayan Pink Salt, replacing it with the usual cooking “Extra”, rock salt, sea and other types of salt.

In addition, the Himalayan Pink Salt is multi functional and can be used not only in food, it has well functions. Himalayan Pink Salt is our Health and Beauty!


Himalayan Salt for Beauty

What is good for Himalayan Pink Salt for health?

Himalayan Pink Salt is widely used in Eastern medicine, the masters of Tibet have long and successfully used the Himalayan Pink Salt in bioenergy, it is popular with doctors in China, it is used by the masters of martial arts of the East.

The list of useful properties of this salt is huge, I will tell about the most important:

  • When ingested, this salt is able to release special ions that destroy very harmful molecular bonds in the body, such as various salt deposits, sclerotic growths that form on the vessels and much more.
  • Maintains natural electrolyte balance.
  • When the process of evaporation of the Himalayan Pink Salt occurs, the air is saturated with useful substances, in particular, sodium and barium.
  • Improves absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt normalizes pressure.
  • Relieves depression, improves mood.
  • Heals diseases of the musculoskeletal system, reduces pain in the joints.
  • Powerfully regenerates and rejuvenates the cells of the body. This property of pink salt at one time was noticed by Avicenna.
  • Cleans the body from toxins.
  • Restores the water-salt metabolism in the body.
  • Improves all processes in the digestive system.
  • Himalayan pink salt perfectly relaxes the muscle tissue of the whole body.
  • It is an excellent source of many important trace elements.
  • If you apply this salt in reasonable doses, it does not retain water in the tissues of the body, so there will be no puffiness from it.
  • It has a slight laxative and diuretic effect.
  • It improves blood and lymph circulation in the body.
  • This salt is completely absorbed by our body!
  • Able to reduce hangover.
  • It miraculously strengthens the immune system, helps to hurt less during the cold season and during the epidemics of influenza.

Where do you get the real Himalayan salt?

Himalayan Salt Lamps TipsThis salt “owes” its name to the place where it was first discovered and then started to be mined – this, of course, is the Himalayan mountain range. It is there that it is mined to this day. Salt mined in these areas is very much appreciated in the world. The reason is that it is there that nature is completely untouched by human activity, and it is precisely there that there is a pure ecology, which you simply cannot meet now, friends? This is also its advantage over sea salt, considering how our seas and water bodies are polluted!

How to use pink Himalayan salt in cosmetology – recipes

Himalayan salt used in various cosmetologically procedures is the most effective means for powerful rejuvenation. And it is not necessary for this to go to beauty salons, everything can be perfectly done at home!

I often clean my face with Himalayan Pink Salt

For this, I use several recipes, share:

  1. The simplest option – after washing it is to apply a bit of salt mixed with simple water onto moist skin and it is easy to massage.
  2. You can mix a small amount of salt with a spoon of sour cream, apply on clean skin, massage and rinse with water. This will be a more nutritious option.
  3. Here is another excellent cleaning and scrubbing composition for the skin: mix egg white with salt, add honey. Apply to clean skin, massage. You can leave for a few minutes. Wash off.

As a result, you will have exceptionally smooth, clean and fresh skin, as well as a visible lifting effect!

Excellent skin care salt tonic prepared independently.

Here are the recipes:

  1. Any good mineral water, a spoon of Himalayan Pink Salt, a couple of drops of essential oils that you like. All thoroughly mix and wipe the skin every time after washing with a cotton pad moistened with this composition.
  2. The recipe is the same, only everything else you need to add a spoonful of honey. This composition is already perfect for those who need active rejuvenation of the skin, those who have it fading, mature and dry, with wrinkles and even wrinkles.
  3. This is a salt tonic with herbs. In a decoction or infusion of herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula, etc.) you need to add a spoonful of salt.

For more efficiency, add honey and essential oils.

Masks with Himalayan Pink Salt are able to perfectly rejuvenate the face and quickly bring the “face into proper shape”.

I love these masks for completely coping with any problems, be it a tired face, dull skin color, reduced skin elasticity and much more:

  1. Fruit mask with Himalayan Pink Salt perfectly refreshes the skin, tightens, removes inflammation. To do this, take any fruit or berry (apple, kiwi, currants, gooseberries, etc.), chop, add a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of sour cream, a spoonful of honey. Apply to cleansed face and hold for 10 minutes, not more. Rinse and apply moisturizer or nourishing cream.
  2. Egg-salt mask with honey is a super tool for tired and dry skin! For it you need to mix egg yolk, honey, salt, a little vitamin A and E in oil, a teaspoon of olive (or any other) oil. Grind and apply on cleansed skin. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and apply cream.
  3. As a result – in the mirror you will see a “for some reason all of a sudden” face rejuvenated by several years!

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How to Himalayan salt useful in migraine

How to Himalayan salt useful in migraine

You can often hear the phrase that life is not sweet if you have a headache. Most often, this unpleasant state brings out of balance women. Unique Mineral Offer the quality Himalayan Salt they are salt dealer in Pakistan that deals all kind of Himalayan Salt Product and Himalayan Salt Exporter Pakistan.

Of course, there is also a female trick called “headache”, but often it is quite objective. Headache is often directly related to ailments in the female sphere. Therefore, it makes sense to undergo a diagnosis, in principle, it should be done regularly, which is no secret to anyone. When erosion is shown colposcopy of the cervix and absolutely should not be afraid of it, because this procedure is completely painless. And when you exclude the connection of a headache with gynecological diseases, you can go further, look for the cause and the way to get rid of it.

The magical blend of Himalayan salt and lemon juice copes with the most powerful headache. Migraine is sometimes so strong that it can permanently disable a person. My mother lay day, at least, her migraine was very heavy. I practically don’t lie, it’s only worse for me, as I’m lying down, on the contrary, I feel pain more. Movement and any action are distracting. Well, unless the worst happens: dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to smells and sounds.

Migraine attacks are cyclical. But to calculate them is very difficult. Among the most common causes of migraine are: fatigue, stress, alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, allergies, depression, dehydration, lack of essential minerals, etc.

It is said that a mixture of Himalayan salt and lemon helps to cope with such attacks. This unique drink relieves pain and cramps, and also reduces their duration.

How Himalayan Salt Can Cure Migraine

Migraine is characterized by severe throbbing headache. It may be accompanied by dizziness, blurred vision, temporary blindness, eye pain, nausea and vomiting.

Although usually strong analgesics are used to treat migraines, natural alternatives can be used for this purpose. Many of them are able to quickly cure a migraine. One such tool is the Himalayan salt. That it will be the topic of our conversation today.

Why does Himalayan salt help in treating migraines?

Himalayan Salt Used in MirgrateHimalayan salt contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and other trace elements that can cope with migraines in minutes.Thanks to it, the level of serotonin increases in the blood of a person, and the painful symptoms of migraine subside. Also Himalayan salt strengthens our immunity, fills our body with energy and normalizes pH balance. And this is where its useful properties do not end.



How to get rid of a migraine with lemon juice

Sometimes, a migraine becomes an unbearable nightmare. With all the achievements, modern medicine cannot offer an effective method that can heal from this scourge. However, using the age-old traditions and experience of the ancestors, humanity has found a natural way to alleviate the symptoms of a severe headache within a few minutes. Lemon drink with salt is an ideal option to restore electrolyte balance, saturate the body with essential trace elements and vitamins.

How to instantly stop a migraine using salt?

Of course, there are many drugs for migraine, but they often contain harmful chemicals and bring very little benefit. Try this natural remedy for migraines, and you never have to buy expensive pharmaceuticals again.

Migraine is terribly painful and can be debilitating. This condition causes head sensitivity to everything. A simple ray of sunlight can cause terrible pain in your head. Migraine is a very painful headache.

Sometimes getting rid of a migraine is very difficult. Medications that doctors usually prescribe are harmful and sometimes even very ineffective. That is why we decided today to share with you a recipe for a natural remedy that will help get rid of a migraine in the blink of an eye.

The main component of the product is Himalayan salt! Salt can be used to treat many different health problems, especially headaches. Be sure to use high-quality salt. This salt helps to reduce the severity of migraines and headaches, strengthen your immune system and, most importantly, restore the alkaline and electrolyte balance of your body. The recipe also contains lemons. Lemons are one of the most alkaline fruits. They are extremely beneficial for your body.

Ingredients :

half a lemon and half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt

Instructions :

Squeeze lemon juice into a glass of water, add Himalayan salt, and enjoy! Drink a solution and feel how your migraine disappears within a few minutes!

This drink will relieve migraines in minutes.

Ecology of health: This wonderful medicinal drink will help soothe headaches and migraines and is very useful for the body as a whole.

Migraine is a fairly common neurological disorder that occurs when the vessels of the head dilate or dilate, intracranial pressure increases and blood pressure decreases.

In this condition, there is severe pain on one side of the head or immediately on both. This pain is accompanied by hypersensitivity to light (the person becomes uncomfortable), vision problems (white spots before the eyes) and nausea.

According to experts, about 20% of the population of our globe suffers from migraines, and 50% of them are women.

Some people confuse migraine with cephalgia (a common headache), but in this case the pain is more intense and pulsating.

What are the causes of migraine?

Many experts believe that a significant proportion of migraine cases is due to genetic factors. They are difficult to recognize, as they vary from one human organism to another and depend on their lifestyle.

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Why Himalayan Salt Is necessary for the Human Body

Why Himalayan Salt Is necessary for the Human Body

This article is telling about that why Himalayan Salt in necessary for the human body. Unique Mineral Provide the quality Himalayan Salt they are salt dealers in Pakistan who deals all kind of Himalayan Salt Product and Himalayan Salt Exporter Pakistan.

What happens to the human body, which is accustomed to Himalayan Salt every dish that eats? How can you easily give up Himalayan Salt, and what food contain much-needed sodium?

A few thousand years ago, Himalayan Salt was not considered a necessary product. Only with the development of agriculture, when it became clear that salt is able to protect products from spoilage, it began to be used in the diet. However, since salt is very difficult to extract, it was so expensive that the majority of the population was inaccessible. Most people did not eat this seasoning and were alive and well.

Benefit of Himalayan Salt for HealthIn our time, salt is consumed in such huge quantities as never before. You may think that you do not eat a lot of salt, because, filling the dish, put it quite a bit. But it often turns out that almost all the food you eat during the day contains salt.

It is especially invisible in the purchased products. It is added everywhere, firstly, because it increases the shelf life, and secondly, because it significantly improves the taste. With salt, you can eat almost any tasteless product. It is added even where, according to the logic of things, it should not be: in dough, cookies, sweets, chocolate, soda.



Sodium is a component of all body fluids (blood plasma, extracellular fluid, lymph). It is necessary for the regulation of water and acid-base balance, transmission of neural impulses, muscle contraction, etc.


To maintain health, organic sodium is needed, while salt is inorganic sodium chloride. To extract sodium from this compound, the body needs additional resources.

While if you eat food that contains this substance in its natural form, you are unlikely to be able to exceed its rate. In addition, in natural food sodium comes in combination with other trace elements that help its absorption and save the body’s forces. You can buy Himalayan Salt from unique minerals who is the Himalayan Salt Supplier from Pakistan and Salt Dealer from Pakistan. They export all kind of salt from Pakistan to all over the world where the customer/consumer want to import. If anyone want to purchase Himalayan Edible Salt, they can contact to Unique Mineral for buy it because they are the Himalayan Edible Salt Exporter from Pakistan.


Potassium is located inside the cell, sodium – outside – in the extracellular fluid. In order for the cells to be healthy, it Himalayan Salt Lamp for Bodyis necessary that the sodium in the extracellular fluid is less than in the cell itself. Then sodium is attracted by the cell and penetrates it along with nutrients. If sodium in the extracellular fluid is more, then it threatens to destroy the cell. Then the surrounding tissues give up their water in order to dilute the too salty medium of the extracellular fluid. In the intercellular space, edema occurs, and if a person does not change his eating habits, he goes into inflammation, while the cells themselves suffer from water deficiency. It should be noted that many doctors believe that inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, including cancer.



For the body there is absolutely no need for salt intake. However, to reduce its use is quite difficult. Indeed, how to learn to eat a dish, putting in it only half the amount of salt to which you are accustomed?

Specialists in natural nutrition believe that salt is addictive. It is for this reason that most people cannot simply reduce its content in their diet. Abandoning salt is easier than salting food only by half.

And so that the dish does not seem bland and to give work to your taste bud, you can add lemon juice and black pepper. Try putting a grain of salt on your tongue – you will feel that it burns your tongue, lemon juice does the same. Thus, you will divert your attention from salt and stop blaming yourself for weak will. Here, you cannot eat salt at all!

But, of course, to completely eliminate salt from the diet, you will need to give up a few ready-made products. First of all, from the usual hard cheese (this is the record for the salt content, and yet it is added to it not to improve the taste, but to better preserve the product) and from canned food. If you decide to export the Himalayan Salt you can contact to the unique mineral they deal the best quality of Himalayan Salt. Their salt quality is very good to other dealer and according to the international standard. They are the salt dealer in Pakistan that deals all types of salt product.

Where to Purchase Himalayan Salt?

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Quality of Unique Minerals’ Salt Lamps

Quality of Unique Minerals’ Salt Lamps

Unique Mineral is the Himalayan Salt Exporter from Pakistan. They are the top salt dealer in Pakistan. The quality of Unique Mineral Himalaya Salt Lamps is good compare to other salt companies. There salt supply quality is conforming to the international standard. Now, they are leaders of Himalayan Salt Supplier and Himalayan Salt Lamps in Wholesale from Pakistan.

Salt lamps are ideal for your study, your office or even for a small room. All our high quality Himalayan salt lamps come with a rosewood base, stainless steel screws, a UL approved cable with on / off switch and two light bulbs.

Salt lamps last forever … you never replace the lamp, just the bulb!

Do I connect with them to work?

Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan
Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan

Salt lamps work by themselves. However, the researchers found that if they heated the salt, it would systematically cover a larger area. As a result, the salt has been transformed into lamps and chandeliers. We leave our lamps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, some people do not like to sleep with light; that’s good too. Just light the lamp during the day and turn it off at night. It will work to purify the air throughout the day. Busy?

Salt Lamps helps reduce snoring

Try buying a $ 5.00 timer in the store and plug it into the timer. Set it up to go in the morning and disappear just before going to bed. If we place a lamp next to my person who is used to snore while sleeping, it’s been observed by different users of Himalayan salt lamps that, their snoring has been reduced dramatically in start and finally came to an end. It is best to keep Himalayan salt lamp lit/ powered on 24/7.

How to choose the right lamp?

Salt lamps are of different shapes and sizes. As a general rule, the heavier the lamp, the more it covers the surface. The smallest lamp size is a mini lamp, which will cover approximately a radius of eight feet. The lamps are sold by weight classes, as are the wrestlers. Each size is assigned a weight range in which you can expect your lamp to fall.

The form is a matter of preference. People have different tastes. With the different shapes of the lamps, it should be easy enough to find the one that suits you best. If you have difficulty choosing the right lamp, give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help you choose the best size lamp for you.

If you buy a lamp for a gift, write it down in the comments section and we will make sure to include information about the lamp

Unique Minerals (Himalayan Salt Exporters from Pakistan)  is the best exporter/supplier and wholesaler various types of Himalayan Salt Product from Pakistan. Deals all kind of Natural Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan as they are top salt dealers in Pakistan. The List of Himalayan Salt Products are as under: –

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  2. Edible Salt
  3. Lick Salt
  4. Cooking Plates
  5. Candle Holder
  6. Salt Tequila Glasses
  7. Bath Salt
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How to differentiate true Himalayan salt lamps from false ones

How to differentiate true Himalayan salt lamps from false ones

This article is about to true differentiate of Himalayan Salt Lamps from false ones. Unique Mineral is one of the top Himalayan Salt Supplier from Pakistan who is the salt dealer of Pakistan and supply Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale from Pakistan. If you want to Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps you may contact to Himalayan Salt Company in Pakistan (Unique Mineral).

Meta: There are some common misconceptions when it comes to confirming the authenticity of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Some misconceptions are common when it comes to confirming the authenticity of salt lamps in the Himalayas. To help you distinguish the difference between true and false, here are some of these myths and give them the verdict of truth.

Quality of Unique Mineral Salt Lamps

Myth # 1: White salt lamps are false

The salt lamps of the Himalayas are known for their distinctive warm glow, which suggests to many people that those who emit lighter colors are fake. This initial hypothesis seems logical, because the true salt lamps of the Himalayas are, in most cases, darker in color.

However, the fact that a Himalayan salt lamp is white does not necessarily mean that it is found in its identity. Certain salts of the Himalayas can appear naturally in lighter shades. In fact, salt forms in several layers of veins of the earth and its color varies. Some veins are naturally lighter than others.

Final verdict: sometimes true, but not always

Salt of the Himalayas Authentic materials are a key indicator to determine whether a Himalayan salt lamp is real or not.

Myth # 2: Salt lamps in the Himalayas should transpire

Himalayan salt lamps clean the house by emitting negative ions in the air that bind to the positive ions, neutralizing contaminants, which are generally positively charged. During this process, they also absorb some moisture. This process sometimes causes an excessive accumulation of moisture on the surface of the lamp. That said, sweating is not a reliable measure of a true salt lamp in the Himalayas. In fact, it has more to do with the environment in which the lamp is kept.

A good way to avoid transpiration of the lamp is to leave it on as long as possible. This allows the salt crystal to remain dry while protecting the sensitive surfaces to which it is applied. In addition, if the lamp is installed on a sensitive surface, it is recommended to place it on a type of roller coaster or individual tablecloth.

Moisture conditions are the main cause of perspiration of Himalayan salt lamps, especially when they are out for a while. In these conditions, it is better to keep the lights on to avoid puddles of perspiration. Use at your discretion, of course. Bearing this in mind, if your lamp is in a generally humid room or if you live in a humid environment, there is more chance that your lamp will transpire. If this is not the case, it does not necessarily mean that it is a fake.

Instead of sweating, examine the surface of the lamp to better determine its authenticity. The lower salts usually have a calcareous or dusty surface. This lower salt is caused by a lack of sufficient pressure during formation in the salt mine, which gives the surface of the lamp a chalky or loose appearance. These low quality or yellow colored Himal