Himalayan lick salt exporters

Himalayan Salt

Apart from the benefits for humans, salt licks cover up for the sodium deficiencies of animals.

Lick Salt

We have a history of being Himalayan Lick Salt Exporters from Pakistan. Lick Salt itself has its history since to ancient times. When the primal ocean got dried up by the sun, the deposits of various rocks accumulated forming the largest bed on that ocean. It was then in 326 BC that Alexander passed to this area in his quest to conquer the world. It was at that time that his horses started to lick rocks instead of grazing grass, revealing the largest salt deposits that existed in the world.

Salt is an important element of animal food as salt deficiency can prove to be quite troublesome causing various diseases. Therefore, rock salt and its products are used along with regular feed to fulfill the salt requirements in animals.


Animal salt lick is made entirely from pink Himalayan Crystal Salt. It comes with a hole drilled through the center of the block, plus a natural fiber rope to tie it to a fence post or other object. It’s best to keep the salt lick off the ground, tying it at the natural “snout height” of the animals you’re buying it for.

A salt lick is a deposit of mineral salts used by animals to supplement their nutrition, ensuring that they get enough minerals in their diets. A wide assortment of anzimals, primarily herbivores, uses salt licks to get essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. When a salt lick appears, animals may travel to reach it, so the salt lick becomes a sort of rally point where lots of wildlife can be observed.

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