Himalayan Salt Tiles from Pakistan

Himalayan Salt

Want to beautify home interior? Salt tiles are what you have been looking for.

Himalayan Salt Tiles

If you are looking for wholesale Himalayan salt blocks also called Himalayan salt tiles, you have came to right place. As Himalayan Salt tiles from Pakistan are carved from the extracts of rock salt obtained from the Himalayan Salt Range which is located in Pakistan.

The uses of salts have always increased with the passage of time, with this business evolving according to human needs. As the interior beautification of a building requires attractive tiles to put therein, it introduced another use of salt to design various well-designed tiles that may make the interior look elegant along with health benefits.


Himalayan Salt Tiles

ARCHITECTURAL line of Himalayan salt tiles from Pakistan includes not only Himalayan salt bricks but tiles, blocks and even salt blocks tiles. This list is for Unique Minerals Himalayan salt tiles from Pakistan which are used to cover an illuminated wall or for a new construction, we also offer sizes as per your requirement for Himalayan salt bricks as well as Himalayan salt tiles with natural faces. Contact us for prices.

Himalayan salt bricks wholesale

When buying Himalayan salt bricks or Himalayan salt tiles at wholesale from its supplier the main concern after quality is the price. A real Himalayan Salt Supplier always charge you the price of salt. Similarly, The price is only for salt. The shipment is an estimate and is based on sending a pallet to a commercial location.

Actual shipping costs will be assessed and are generally lower. The difference will be credited or billed before shipment. Ask us for quotes with us for real shipping costs.

Where Himalayan Salt Blocks are used?

Add one of these Himalayan Salt blocks to walls of your business or home or office. The benefits are too numerous to take them fully into account here, like all applications!

But here are some application ideas:

  • wall of the child’s room
  • Family room
  • Spa or gym at home.
  • yoga studio
  • wellness spa
  • Office of the chiropractor
  • restaurants
  • Aging dry walls of the Meat Wallet!

The walls laid with Himalayan Salt bricks or Himalayan salt tiles will not only provide an incomparable look and quality of zen, but offering one will also have immediate health benefits. By illuminating the wall with deposits that even produce heat, negative ions are created that are known to fight positive ions in our environments. The positively charged ions transport dust, dandruff, debris and all kinds of contaminants.

When the negative ions join the positive ions, they cancel them, which cleans the air! Scientific evidence confirms that the innumerable health benefits that go beyond ionization can be achieved by sitting in salinas and caves.

Used for centuries in Egypt through Eastern Europe. Their use significantly improves respiratory problems and skin disorders. Asthma and respiratory allergies are increasing around the world. It is estimated that 400 million people suffer from escalation.

Speleotherapy with Himalayan Salt Bricks Pakistan

Health researchers have linked allergies and asthma to the growing number of spectral disorders of autism.

Skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, are also on the slope. Speleotherapy helps alleviate all these categories. Following are some examples of disorders that can be alleviated with salt therapies:

Dermatological problems which can be solved with Himalayan Salt Blocks

  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • acne
  • lupus
  • eczema

Respiratory disorders can be resolved with Himalayan Salt Tiles from Pakistan

  • Allergies
  • asthma
  • COPD
  • pleurisy
  • sinusitis
  • emphysema
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Chronic / acute bronchitis

Due to the formation of natural salt crystals and their vibratory energy, many wellness therapies that use our salt are gaining popularity around the world.

The chromo-therapists use the spectrum of colors for various therapies. Our light-colored block walls can be superimposed on lighting that changes color to choose the right tones for therapy.

Due to the ability of salt to attract moisture, they are the perfect component of PERFECT aging for steaks and chops. Although there are many methods to dry aging, the use of our Himalayan salt walls will not only provide this “WOW” factor to your installation, but it will also purify the air and transmit minerals and oligomers. Healthy elements to the meat! High-level chefs are also reporting a wonderful improvement in the taste of meat!

Restaurant owners, general managers and executive chefs are expected to outnumber them. Defining and staying ahead of trends can be the difference between financial health and deterioration. Discover how the ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL line can make your restaurant or your destination center a destination and a leader!

Where to buy Himalayan Salt tiles wholesale?

We, Unique Mineral are not only exporters but also manufacturers of Himalayan Salt tiles. You can order any size of Himalayan Salt tiles or Himalayan Salt bricks to us. Our rates are the lowest and the quality of our product in terms of size, weight, finish and material is of highest standard as we are leading Himalayan Salt tiles Suppliers . You can buy Himalayan Salt tiles at wholesale prices with us.

You will get the sizes of salt tiles for counters or if you want to beautify your a certain area with Himalayan salt bricks, you will get them in due time with proper quality checked and inspected before shipping. We always send spare pieces with each our consignment giving extra advantage to our customers for their bulk purchase.