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Exporters of Himalayan salt in Pakistan and top salt dealers in Pakistan

How we become Himalayan salt Exporters from Pakistan and top salt dealers in Pakistan??

Our ancestors were pioneers and wholesalers of Himalayan Rock Salt from Pakistan and began since 1947. They were selling raw salt rocks to the locals.

They also supplied these saline blocks to oriental practitioners, who used this magical rock salt to prepare herbal medicines. Due to constant hard work, in a short period of time, rock salt was required in the domestic market. The growing demand for rock salt forced them to buy another store that they used as a warehouse to keep the Himalayan salt blocks in stock to meet the requirements of the customers in a timely manner.

Top salt dealers in Pakistan

Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, the next generation introduced salt from the Himalayas for the first time in the form of granules and dust. Thanks to Allah for keeping us ahead of supply of high-quality gourmet salt from the Himalayas in the local market and abroad making us top salt dealers in Pakistan in terms of quality, prices and above all customers satisfaction.

These Himalayan salt additives have gained immense popularity, more than any other salt product in the Himalayas. People have been surprised to see the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in their homes. By the year 2001, the third generation had joined the business of family-owned salts of their ancestors and had given a new dimension by introducing mechanically designed Himalayan salt lamps and other rock salt products.

Leading Himalayan Salt Exporters in Pakistan

In a short time, we became a leading Exporters of Himalayan salt in Pakistan. Being manufacturer and supplier of wholesale salt products. When We obtained the IS

Himalayan Salt exporters from Pakistan, Himalayan Salt exporters In Pakistan
Himalayan Salt exporters from Pakistan

O 9001: 2000 certification, we became the first miners, manufacturer and exporters in the Himalayas in Pakistan to meet its international quality standards.

Today, “Unique Minerals” has a prestigious reputation in the salt industry of the Himalayas and has been listed as the leading exporter of Himalayan Salt in Pakistan. We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of 100% natural rock salt products. We are engaged in exporting a wide range of products in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Unique Minerals are the best exporters of Himalayan salt from Pakistan and top salt dealers in Pakistan with various types of Himalayan Salt Exporters in Pakistan. Deals all kind of Natural Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan.

The List of Himalayan Salt Products is as under: –

  1. Salt Lamps

  2. Edible Salt

  3. Lick Salt

  4. Cooking Plates

  5. Candle Holder

  6. Salt Tequila Glasses

  7. Bath Salt

  8. Salt Tiles

  9. Salt Inhaler

We also manufacture customized items according to the customer’s requirements. Our range of products includes natural salt lamps made of machines, candlesticks, deodorant / disinfectant bars, massage stones, sole salt, bathroom glass, kitchen / barbecue dishes and gourmet salt in granular and fine forms. But our main products are detox lamps, night lights, color changing salt lamps, pyramids, pellets, fire pots, raindrops and iron baskets.

We also offer salt lamps with USB. Thanks to Allah Almighty, our customers are satisfied in more than 30 countries around the world. We are dealing with importers, wholesale buyers and retailers. Our commitment to the needs of our customers is our top priority.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt LICK TO Horses

Benefits of Himalayan Salt LICK TO Horses and Advice for Specialist


This article is about to that How the Himalayan Lick Salt is useful to the Horses. If you want to Buy Himalayan Lick Salt. So you can buy from the Unique Mineral of Pakistan.


Salt such as potassium, magnesium, and chlorine are present in body fluids. They are responsible for the transmission of electrical impulses in the body, the work of muscles, for the maintenance of water-salt balance in the body.

Most horses usually get the necessary amount of electrolytes from their diet (with a balanced diet). The exception is sodium chloride. Therefore, it is often recommended to add one or two tablespoons of salt per day to a meal, or to allow a horse to Lick Salt. Horses competing and traveling should receive commercially produced electrolytes to compensate for losses from sweat. Himalayan Salts Lick can be added to water, food, or given in a special syringe.

If you give daily feeding for sport horses with electrolytes already in its composition, which is easy to find out by reading the list of items on the can, then there is no need to add electrolytes. It is enough to hang salt in the stall.

In the summer, if the horse sweats very much, it is necessary to give additional electrolytes.
Himalayan Salt Lick with electrolytes and vitamins already in their composition are on sale. Make sure the horse licks them regularly.

If a horse Licks Salt licorice too much, its legs may become swollen, as salt retains water in the body. Do not be afraid, remove the salt for a while, until the swelling is gone, and then return. Most likely, the horse will come closer and calm down.

Unfortunately, about 5% of horses have a tendency to laminitis, they are at risk. The causes of laminitis have not yet been established, although it is clear that this is due to metabolic problems. But there are known predisposing factors for its development. One of the reasons, along with the overfeeding, is the abundant drinking of a heated horse. The word “laminitis” is already firmly established in our lexicon, precisely because the term “opoi” is not the absolute equivalent of laminitis, but is only one type of disease.

Yes, horses are watered in the West immediately after work. The risk of dehydration is considered to be higher than the risk of laminitis. I, too, was once shocked by this fact. But what does “immediately after work” mean? In the West, a horse is brought to the stall, where the auto-drinker is located, only when, after pushing off, the heart and respiratory rhythms are fully restored to the physiological norm. Consequently, the risk of opoo is reduced tenfold. You must admit that we often neglect to push off and put a hot horse in the stall. But even while the horse is hot, in the West it is customary to give it a few sips of water every 5-15 minutes. It is also believed that nothing will happen even from a couple of liters.

As a representative of the progressive part of the European equestrian community, I would have to say that you can and need water. I understand everything, but to be honest, I myself always insure and sing our horses fully only 20-30 minutes after an active movement. Just scared that my horse will be among those 5%. Therefore, decide for yourself whether to water or not to water.

We have a stallion in the stable, he stands at the very end of the passage, in the far stall, away from the mares. During the distribution of food, he yells, shines, kicks into the walls so that he “turns on” the whole stable, everyone starts to get nervous, and these are thirty-five horses, many pregnant. We feed well, he is clearly not starving, punishment does not help. How to wean him from a bad habit?

This problem is very easy to solve. I do not understand the persistence with which people often try to re-nature itself. Stop punishing him, you cannot change a stallion. Just feed him first, not last.
After all, it seems that this is a very dominant stallion, he should be the first to get food, he is probably very worried because of the humiliation to which you constantly subject him, stress and nervous breakdowns in such a situation are inevitable. After all, he thinks about how he looks in front of his herd.

“The doctor prescribed dexamethasone steroid medicine to a pregnant mare because she has cancer. Is it harmful to a foal? She will soon give birth.” 

I do not know for what reason the veterinarian prescribed this particular drug, possibly with a mare’s lymph sarcoma. During pregnancy, many diseases progress due to changes in the immune status. In any case, dexamethasone will not harm the fetus if the daily dose does not exceed 100 mg. Unlike cows in horses, dexamethasone does not penetrate the placenta.


Unique Minerals is the best exporter Himalayan Salt Lick from Pakistan. They deals all kind of Natural Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan. They provide cheapest Himalayan Salt Lick for Cattle’s and Salt Lick for Horses from Pakistan. If you want to buy Himalayan Lick Salt from the Pakistan, you may Content Us. The List of Himalayan Salt Products is as under: –

  1. Salt Lamps
  2. Edible Salt
  3. Lick Salt
  4. Cooking Plates
  5. Candle Holder
  6. Salt Tequila Glasses
  7. Bath Salt
  8. Salt Tiles
  9. Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Lick Salt for Horses

Why do Horses and Love To Lick Himalayan  SALT?

This article is about to why do Cattle and Horses Love to Himalayan Lick Salt? You may Buy the Himalayan Salt Lick from Pakistan by Unique Mineral.

Passion for Himalayan Salty foods in both humans and animals is one of the most interesting secrets of wildlife. We know that for thousands of years’ man valued salt and used it for cooking. In ancient Mexico, salt was considered such an important product that every year a beautiful girl was offered as a sacrifice to a salt god. Today there are examples of when a prisoner in a prison, to whom food was brought without a grain of salt in it, began to go crazy about its lack.Himalayan Licking Salt

The fluid circulating in our body is a salt solution. Since our body emits a certain amount of moisture in various ways, along with which the body loses salt, these losses must be compensated. Lick Salt reserves on Earth are distributed so that a huge amount of it is contained in ocean water, while on land its reserves are relatively small. Plants contain a small amount of salt, and it is washed out of the soil by rains into rivers and further into the seas and oceans.

Animals – inhabitants of land, however, once descended from marine inhabitants. The juices of their bodies are the same in composition as their ancestors had and look like sea water! And since neither plants nor the soil can provide them with enough salt, they eagerly pounce on any salty food. Camels, horses, moose and other herbivores love Himalayan Salt Lick.

Only carnivores, that is, those that eat other animals, do not have much craving for salty food: they get salt along with the meat of their victims. On the contrary, most herbivores love salt. For both primitive people and animals, salt has always been one of the most appetizing elements of food. Everyone knows that farmers and villagers give salt to cows, sheep, and in reserves – to wild deer.

The most popular among horse owners is Himalayan Lick Salt, which contains 84 minerals and trace elements such as copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and others. Thanks to iron, salt has a pink color. Himalayan Salt Lick helps remove toxins from the body, balance the PH level, balances the nervous system, relaxes the muscular system, and improves blood circulation. It has a 100% bio availability of the body due to the fact that it does not undergo transformations in the process of metabolism and immediately enters the cell in its original form.

Unique Mineral is a stone made of Himalayan Salt Lick, necessary for animals to replenish and restore the reserves of mineral substances and salt in the body. In nature, mineral / salt licking is carried out in a natural way, providing animals with calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and other mineral substances necessary for healthy functioning of the body. Minerals and salt, which is contained in the Himalayan Pink Salt, are needed to strengthen and grow the muscles and bones of animals and for a full-fledged metabolism.

Himalayan Pink Salt, which is a material for producing licks for animals, contains valuable chemicals and minerals useful for animals that are not found in any other salt. Himalayan Pink Salt, due to its special chemical composition, is very popular. Himalayan Pink Salt, which is a material for producing licks for animals, contains valuable chemical compounds and minerals that are not found in any other salt. Himalayan Pink Salt because of its special chemical composition is very popular.

Himalayan Pink Salt contains many useful compounds and important minerals, and therefore, in animal husbandry, it is preference for salt mined in the Himalayan mountains.

Unique Mineral is top exporters of Himalayan Salt Lick from Pakistan. The Company deals in all kind of Natural Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan. He provides cheapest Himalayan Salt Lick for Cattle’s and Salt Lick for Horses from Pakistan. If you want to buy Himalayan Lick Salt from the Pakistan, you may Content Us. The List of Himalayan Salt Products is as under: –

  1. Salt Lamps
  2. Edible Salt
  3. Lick Salt
  4. Cooking Plates
  5. Candle Holder
  6. Salt Tequila Glasses
  7. Bath Salt
  8. Salt Tiles
  9. Salt Inhaler


Himalayan salt lamp
How to USE Himalayan Salt Lamps making them useful

This article is about to how to use Himalayan Salt Lamps. You can buy Himalayan Salt Lamps from Unique Mineral.

It is known that people living on the seashore have better health, in contrast to the inhabitants of the inland regions. The main factor affecting well-being and longevity is high salt content in the air. That is why heliotherapy has recently deserved popularity in regions remote from the sea. Even a small amount of mineral salt has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Artificially created salt caves and rooms in which medical procedures are carried out, are opening around the country more often. Perhaps, in each big city today already several companies are represented. But it is not constantly conceivable to visit such places. And then the question arises of the need to purchase a personalized Salt Lamp for the house, which, in turn, has the same health-improving effect as the artificially created caves.

Environmentally friendly lamp is made from natural crystalline salt. And at first glance, it may seem that this is an unusual decorative object. However, the lamp produces a therapeutic effect. Salt is mined deep underground in the Himalayas.

Himalayan salt lamps
Himalayan salt lamps

“In such a Himalayan Salt Lamp there are no harmful impurities. Further, future fixtures undergo minimal processing by hand. At the same time, the natural crystal structure and the natural form of the mineral are preserved”.

Himalayan Salt Lamps can have lampshades of different colors. Each shade has its own characteristics:


  • white – copes well with the purification of indoor air;
  • yellow – helps to reduce pain and improve liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • pink – creates an intimate atmosphere and increases the emotional level;
  • orange – helps to cope with disorders of the nervous system, develops a sense of security, helps to psychologically unload, rejuvenate and tone;
  • red – improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart and vascular system, improves bio-energy;
  • blue and green – will help to relax;
  • brown – helps to deal with thoughts, to achieve inner harmony and tranquility.

The shape of the Salt Lamp does not Influence its functionality:

Himalayan salt lamps
Himalayan salt lamps


Simple geometric shapes — a cube, an oval, a pyramid, or a ball are additionally machined to shape. The pyramid is a symbol of stability and harmony; such a lamp can be placed in the office.

Abstract shapes – crystal or rock. Such lamps undergo minimal processing, and have a natural form.


How to use Himalayan Salt Lamp at Home?

The use of the Salt Lamp does not involve complex manipulations, skills or knowledge. For therapeutic effects, it is enough to turn on the lamp in the socket and stay in the room for several hours. That the lamp served for many years requires proper care:


The Salt Lamp must be used only with a lamp of a certain power. Before use, be sure to read the instructions and specifications. Energy-saving lamps for these purposes are not suitable, because they do not provide the necessary amount of heat.

If you want to use the lamp in the bedroom or in the nursery, place it near the bed, closer to the headboard. Also a great place for a lamp – a kitchen or another room with lots of electrical appliances.

Salt Lamp can be used as a night lamp.

Use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp sponge to clean the surface of the lamp.

Keep the lamp away from water and avoid moisture on the surface of the Himalayan Salt Lamp. This may cause fire or damage to the surface of the luminaire. And do not turn on the lamp if there is liquid on the surface of the ceiling. It is strictly forbidden to install the lamp near the aquarium, humidifier or in the bathroom,

Do not leave a working Salt Lamp unattended.

When replacing the lamp, disconnect the luminaire from the mains.


“With proper care, the Himalayan Salt Lamp will last about 10 years. The mineral does not lose its positive properties and characteristics. To ensure uninterrupted operation, it is necessary to periodically replace incandescent bulbs”.


How to choose a Himalayan Salt Stone for Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt lamp can be used at home and in the office. In order not to fall for low-quality goods, you need to know how to choose the right lamp. The main points to pay attention to when choosing a Himalayan Salt Lamp:

The weight and size of the lamp is selected based on the area of ​​the room. For a children’s room, a 2-3 kilogram lamp is suitable, and for a large living room of 30 square meters. m – Salt Lamp not less than 5 kg.

The shape and type of Salt Lamp is determined based on individual preferences. The range of lamps is very large – from rough raw forms to smooth and perfect spheres or pyramids.

Some models of lamps have the ability to adjust the power of the lamp. For the children’s room is better to choose just such a lamp.

Make sure the fasteners and quality of accessories.

If you choose a Himalayan Salt Lamp for your desktop, consider lamps with a USB-connector that can be connected to a computer.

The lamp wire should be long enough so as not to limit the possibility of the lamp moving around the apartment.

Ask the seller to turn on the lamp before buying. The surface should not have a clear uniform edges and stripes. But if all the layers are visible on the mineral, then the Salt Lamp is natural. Small chips and defects indicate the naturalness of the mineral.


Beautiful ideas in the Interior

Salt lamp is gaining popularity among connoisseurs of modern home appliances. They have a modest low-key design, so any model fits perfectly into the interior.

Two Salt Lamps of natural form, located at the head of the bed, look incredibly stylish.


Unusual and unique form of salt blocks – the well-known Rubik’s Cube. Such design of the lamp will perfectly fit into the room of the teenager.


An amazing addition to salt lamps. A large wooden box and a metal basket seem filled with burning and burning coals. Incredible original performance.


Unique Minerals is the best exporter/supplier and wholesaler various types of Himalayan Salt Product from Pakistan. He deals all kind of Natural Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan. The List of Himalayan Salt Products is as under: –

Salt Lamps

Edible Salt

Lick Salt

Cooking Plates

Candle Holder

Salt Tequila Glasses

Bath Salt

Salt Tiles

Salt Inhaler



Beware of fake Himalayan salt lamps


This article is based on Beware of Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps. Buy the Original Himalayan Salt Lamps from Unique Mineral.

fake Himalayan salt lamp
fake Himalayan salt lamp


The Himalayan Salt Lamp has become popular in people’s homes. Some individuals do not hesitate to sell counterfeit products.  The Himalayan Salt Lamp has benefits for the human body. It contains minerals and trace elements found in our body. These include sodium chloride, potassium sulfate, calcium, magnesium. The Salt Lamp favors the reduction of signs of aging, helps respiratory functions, vascular health. The lamp helps good sleep, helps to detoxify the bone system, helps the lungs, but also improves blood clotting as well as salt controls the level of water in the body.

Himalayan Salt, known as “white gold” in its region of origin, contains 84 natural and mineral elements, vital to our health. It is considered a healthy salt because no chemicals or additives are added and it is a natural substance.


How to known that your Himalayan Salt Lamp is Fake



Himalayan salt crystals usually have a pale pink to dark orange color. Since the salt is filled with various minerals, the light emanating from the lamp will be muted and uneven. For these reasons, the average Salt Lamp emits only a soft glow. If your lamp is small, but gives enough light to fully illuminate the room in which it is placed, this is a pretty clear indication that your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a fake.

fake Himalayan salt lamp
fake Himalayan salt lamp


Himalayan salt crystals usually have a warm pink or orange hue. White Himalayan salt does exist, but it is rare and very popular in the market. Therefore, real white Himalayan Salt Lamps will cost much more than ordinary colored varieties. Beware of fake Himalayan salt lamps


fake Himalayan salt lamp
fake Himalayan salt lamp

Despite assurances from numerous skeptics, salt lamps have helped thousands of people around the world. Of course, it’s not worth seeing a panacea in it. However, with daily use, many patients actually observed a decrease in asthma and allergy symptoms, a reduction in the period of illness of viral diseases, an increase in vitality and an improvement in the quality of life in general. If after a month of use you have not noticed any changes, most likely you have been sold a fake.


Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps purify the air around them by absorbing moisture from the air and then evaporating clean water into the environment. This process is called hygroscope and is responsible for one of the most common problems inherent in authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps – the formation of condensate on the surface. If you do not live in the desert, and moisture has never accumulated on the surface of your Salt Lamp, then most likely you have a fake.


Another big problem inherent in authentic Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps is that they are usually quite fragile. Bulbs are often damaged even during transport due to poor packaging or improper handling. If you accidentally dropped the lamp, and not a piece of it broke off, it means that they sold you a fake. BEWARE FAKE HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS



Suppliers of natural products from the Pink Himalayan Salt understand that Himalayan pink salt is a fragile material. Thus, true Salt Lamp suppliers usually offer a flexible and convenient return policy. If you are going to buy a new lamp, and the supplier does not have a return policy, then perhaps you want to sell a fake under the guise of the original. If they sell counterfeit lamps, then their main goal is to take money from you and disappear. Since a real Salt Lamp is easily damaged during transportation, be sure to judge your actions in case of return with the seller before purchasing.

fake Himalayan salt lamp
fake Himalayan salt lamp
  1. It does not come from Pakistan –>Beware of fake Himalayan salt lamps

True Himalayan Salt comes from the mines of Khewra, Pakistan. At the foot of the Himalayan mountains. Here is the only place where this pink salt is found. If you are not sure about the authenticity of your lamp you can ask real manufacturers for details about the lamp. It also takes into account the fact that some producers may have their country of origin on the label where they were assembled. The inner bulb heats the crystal and intensifies the ionizing effect. Salt is hygroscopic and draws water from the environment. At the real ones, you will often see that the lamp is wet or even wet, especially in environments with increased humidity.

Unique Minerals is the best exporter/supplier and wholesaler various types of Himalayan Salt Product from Pakistan. He deals all kind of Natural Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan. The List of Himalayan Salt Products is as under: –

  1. Salt Lamps
  2. Edible Salt
  3. Lick Salt
  4. Cooking Plates
  5. Candle Holder
  6. Salt Tequila Glasses
  7. Bath Salt
  8. Salt Tiles
  9. Salt Inhaler


Original Himalayan Salt Lamp, Colorful Himalayan Salt Lamps Pakistan
Colorful Himalayan Salt Lamps Pakistan

Where to buy Himalayan pink salt?

Where to buy Himalayan pink salt? 

 Learn More about where to buy Himalayan pink salt? or  know more about leading Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan

Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan,Himalayan Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, Unique minerals,Where to buy Himalayan pink salt?, buy Himalayan pink salt
Himalayan Pink Salt buy from Unique Minerals pakistan
Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan,Himalayan Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, Unique minerals,Where to buy Himalayan pink salt?, buy Himalayan pink salt
where-to-buy-Himalayan-Pink-Salt from Pakistan

This article is about where to buy Himalayan pink salt? You can buy Pink Himalayan salt products from Unique Minerals. who are Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan

Unique Minerals offers the most astounding quality Himalayan Pink Salt on the planet and is Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan. In the case of searching for a salt that can confront basic, regular salting customs or something that will spruce up the table at a supper party, Himalayan Pink Salt is a perfect salt for any event. Accessible in a wide assortment of grain sizes, it’s splendidly suited for any application: attempt fine grain sizes for cooking and preparing or coarse grain sizes for bringing or use in a salt factory.

Unique Minerals were solicited what to make from the numerous cases coursing about Himalayan pink salt, regardless of whether there is any reality to the thoughts that this salt will enable respiratory diseases, to increment substantial hydration or reinforce bones, we are Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan. There is a lot of cases about Himalayan salt, yet we should begin with its cause. Himalayan salt is mined fundamentally at the Khewra Salt Mine in Punjab, Pakistan, and is a consequence of antiquated oceans being secured by magma. All the water dissipated, the fish kicked the bucket, yet the salt stayed, secured by shake. Actually Himalayan pink salt is an ocean salt, despite the fact that it’s mined like shake salt, as it is the aftereffect of sea stores.

Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan,Himalayan Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, Unique minerals,Where to buy Himalayan pink salt?, buy Himalayan pink salt
buy-Himalayan-pink-salt from Unique Minerals

The fundamental cases about Himalayan pink salt address the different ways it is beneficial for you because of its predominant mineral substance when contrasted with ocean or table salt. While the facts confirm that table salt is frequently prepared and treated with the end goal that all minerals are evacuated, spare sodium chloride, most ocean salt is left untreated and furthermore contains minerals. Buy from leading Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan.  Pink salt aficionados guarantee that Himalayan salt had a lower sodium chloride organization than ocean salt, which means it has higher measures of different minerals like sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, and fluoride. The genuine rates in Himalayan salt rely upon what article you read. This article claims 85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38% other follow minerals, whereas this article claims 87% sodium chloride and 13% other exchange minerals. In truth, the number is nearer to the top of the line, with sodium chloride content being 95-97%, leaving 3-5% organization for different minerals. The facts confirm that minerals are found in higher plenitude in Himalayan salt, however, when you factor in how minimal salt you will, in general, eat in multi-day (in any event salt you straightforwardly add to your cooking or suppers) the thing that matters is unnoticeable. In the amounts expended, minute contrasts in arrangement between ocean, table and Himalayan salt simply don’t make a difference.

Presently to address the numerous different cases past expanded mineral utilization. In truth, a significant number of cases have justified, however, every one of them is the equivalent regardless of the sort of salt expended, and unquestionably every one of them has been misrepresented. Articles guarantee that Himalayan salt will ‘make an electrolyte balance’, which is valid, however so will ocean salt or even Gatorade. With respect to the cases that Himalayan pink salt will bring down your circulatory strain, that is a remarkable inverse of the real world.

Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan,Himalayan Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, Unique minerals,Where to buy Himalayan pink salt?, buy Himalayan pink salt
Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan

You can buy Himalayan Pink Salt from Unique Minerals who are Himalayan salt exporters from Pakistan

Outside of devouring Himalayan salt, there is some conviction that breathing in diffused salt or showering in salt showers can be advantageous. There is restricted proof that salt inward breath may encourage certain conditions, to a great extent because of the natural drying properties of salts. For those experiencing conditions in which bronchial discharges are expanded, as pleural emission or COPD can profit by salt drying these discharges.

At last, there’s no more medical advantage to Himalayan salt than there is to any salt, and by and large salt postures significantly more of a hazard than a reward to our well-being. By all methods notwithstanding, keep on utilizing Pink Himalayan salt, it’s no more awful than ocean salt, and a lot prettier!

Unique Minerals is the company for Himalayan pink salt products. We offer the worthiest quality items available at without a doubt the least costs. Himalayan salt is the healthiest salt on Earth. These minerals and components are essential for ideal well-being and health. Unique Minerals products include:

1.Salt Lamps

2.Edible Salt

3.Lick Salt

4.Cooking Plates

5.Candle Holder

6.Salt Tequila Glass

7.Bath Salt

8.Salt Tiles

9.Salt Inhaler





This article is about 10 good reason to have a Himalayan Salt Lamps at home. You can buy Himalayan Salt Product from Unique Mineral

You don’t know what you miss if you have never owned a Himalayan Salt Lamps. It’s as if you had an open window, a natural source of fresh, healthy air right there, on your desk, in your living room, next to the bed or anywhere you choose to install it.

All matter (human body, air, water, etc.) consists of molecules that consist of atoms composed of three types of particles: protons (positive charge), electrons (negative charge) and neutrons (no charge). The electrons or bit their molecules as the planets revolve around a star. Sometimes an electron takes flight and when it flies away, it leaves behind a positively charged ion whose sole purpose is to fill the void left by its lost little electron. In other words: he wants to steal a replacement electron from another molecule. Due to differences in the molecular structure, some materials lose electrons much more easily than others.

Himalayan salt lamps Manufacturer from Pakistan
Himalayan salt lamps Manufacturer from Pakistan

1) Purify the air around you through Himalayan Salt

This is the best-known benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamps, and that is why most people use them. These Salt Lamps have the incredible power of eliminating dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other contaminants from the air.

Himalayan Salt Lamps purify the air by the power of hygroscope, which means that they attract water molecules from the surrounding environment and then absorb these molecules (as well as any foreign particles they can carry) in the salt crystal. When the lamp heats up from the heat produced by the bulb inside, this same water evaporates back into the air and trapped particles of dust, pollen, smoke, etc. stay locked in salt! It’s not a miracle, just chemistry.

2) Reduce your allergy and asthma symptoms by using Himalayan Salt

Because Himalayan Salt Lamps remove microscopic particles of dust, pet dander, mildew and other ambient air, place one or two lamps in rooms where you spend the most time can seriously reduce the symptoms of allergy. Even people with asthma should notice a big difference after a week or two. In fact, the pink salt of the Himalayas is so good for your airways that there are even Himalayan Salt Inhalers!

3) Help in case of cough with Himalayan Salt

When the Himalayan Salt Lamp heats up and begins its hygroscopic cycle, it also changes the charge of the molecules that are released. Most homes are filled with positively charged ions that are not particularly good for your health. Positive ions are created by a number of things, but the primary source for most of us comes from our electronics, ubiquitous in most homes.

One of the health disadvantages of inhaling a lot of positive ions is that the eyelashes (those microscopic hairs that are found all over the body, not just under the eyes) that line the trachea become lethargic and do not work as well. well to prevent contaminants from entering our lungs. As a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps absorbs water and particles from the air, it also takes positive ions as it passes. Then, heated salt releases the cleaned water vapor into the air, it also expels the negative ions that have the opposite effect on our airways, which increases the ciliary activity to keep your lungs clear.

In short, in addition to removing contaminants from the air, the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps also help your body filter the air more efficiently so foreign particles you breathe do not reach your lungs.

Himalayan salt lamps Manufacturer from Pakistan
Himalayan salt lamps in Pakistan

4)Increases energy levels through Himalayan Salt

Taking a drive through the countryside with the windows down, spending time at the beach or camping in the mountains, or just taking a shower in the morning are so many things that many people find invigorating. It is no coincidence that all these activities expose us to increased concentrations of negative ions such as those generated by Himalayan Salt Lamps. The fact is that the positive ions sap our energy while the negative ions, rather associated with nature (natural cascades, mountains), boost our energy and soothe us.

If you feel constantly tired and do not know why, try placing a Himalayan Salt Lamps in the room or rooms where you spend the most time. After a week, you must notice a difference.

5)Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation through Himalayan Salt

Today, most of us live in a metaphorical ocean of electromagnetic radiation that flows from our electronics (television, computer, phone, tablet, appliances, etc). Although they may be invisible, the long-term effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation can be very serious. Constant exposure is known to increase stress levels, cause chronic fatigue, and decrease the body’s immune response, among others.

As they emit negative ions into the air, Himalayan Salt Lamps are very useful for neutralizing them. Place a lamp next to the computer, TV and any other electrical appliance you use frequently to reduce the potential danger to you and your family.

6)For a better sleep through Himalayan Salt

The Pink Salt Lamps are natural negative ion generators, so they can help reverse the problem. Put one or two in your room to improve the air quality so that you can have a better night’s sleep.

Remember that even though you are like me and you cannot sleep unless the room is totally dark, you can always turn off the lamp at bedtime. Just leave it on for the rest of the day so she can do her work while you are awake. People living in humid climates need to know that Salt Lamps tend to sink a bit when the salt gets cold. You will certainly need to protect the surfaces by placing a saucer underneath and be sure to follow the use and maintenance instructions that are included with your lamp!

Himalayan salt lamps Manufacturer from Pakistan
Himalayan salt lamps Manufacturer from Pakistan

7)Improves mood and concentration through Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a great way to naturally improve your mood or help you relax at the end of the day. They are also perfect for improving concentration if you work from home. Again, this is due to the effect of our negative ions, improving the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and other organs, as well as the stimulation of serotonin: the neurotransmitter that makes us (literally) happy.

8)To fight against seasonal depression through Himalayan Salt

In addition to generating negative ions that improve mood and energy levels, the soft, natural light emitted by a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps is close enough to the warm glow of the sun to relieve the symptoms of the disorder. seasonal affective. This year, when the days are getting shorter, fight against lethargy by surrounding yourself with a few timer lamps. Ideal for those who do not have the budget to afford a light therapy lamp. buy from  salt lamps manufacturer from pakistan

Himalayan salt lamps Manufacturer from Pakistan
Himalayan salt lamps Manufacturer from Pakistan

9)Reduces the amount of static electricity in the air through Himalayan Salt

Although it is not a “health benefit”, static electricity is an annoying thing. This causes stress, embarrassment and frustration. Static zaps strike when you least expect it. It can put a day on the wrong track, make it impossible to clean crumbs or coffee grounds from the kitchen counter, and even make you accidentally go to work with a sock glued to the back of your shirt … .. ‘ is lived …

The fact is that static electricity can be really annoying and that Salt Lamps are a natural way of neutralizing the airborne ionized particles that cause them.

10)A light source that respects the environment through Himalayan Salt

Last but not least, the Himalayan Salt Lamps are environmentally friendly. Although this is only an estimate, the reserves from which the salt is extracted are between 80 and 600 million tones and are expected to last at least 350 years at the current extraction rate. The base of a lamp is usually carved in a durable wood such as neem. Some lamps use a low power bulb that consumes very little energy while others are powered by a burning candle.


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