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Exporters of Himalayan salt in Pakistan and top salt dealers in Pakistan

How we become Himalayan salt Exporters from Pakistan and top salt dealers in Pakistan??

Our ancestors were pioneers and wholesalers of Himalayan Rock Salt from Pakistan and began since 1947. They were selling raw salt rocks to the locals.

They also supplied these saline blocks to oriental practitioners, who used this magical rock salt to prepare herbal medicines. Due to constant hard work, in a short period of time, rock salt was required in the domestic market. The growing demand for rock salt forced them to buy another store that they used as a warehouse to keep the Himalayan salt blocks in stock to meet the requirements of the customers in a timely manner.

Top salt dealers in Pakistan

Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, the next generation introduced salt from the Himalayas for the first time in the form of granules and dust. Thanks to Allah for keeping us ahead of supply of high-quality gourmet salt from the Himalayas in the local market and abroad making us top salt dealers in Pakistan in terms of quality, prices and above all customers satisfaction.

These Himalayan salt additives have gained immense popularity, more than any other salt product in the Himalayas. People have been surprised to see the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in their homes. By the year 2001, the third generation had joined the business of family-owned salts of their ancestors and had given a new dimension by introducing mechanically designed Himalayan salt lamps and other rock salt products.

Leading Himalayan Salt Exporters in Pakistan

In a short time, we became a leading Exporters of Himalayan salt in Pakistan. Being manufacturer and supplier of wholesale salt products. When We obtained the IS

Himalayan Salt exporters from Pakistan, Himalayan Salt exporters In Pakistan
Himalayan Salt exporters from Pakistan

O 9001: 2000 certification, we became the first miners, manufacturer and exporters in the Himalayas in Pakistan to meet its international quality standards.

Today, “Unique Minerals” has a prestigious reputation in the salt industry of the Himalayas and has been listed as the leading exporter of Himalayan Salt in Pakistan. We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of 100% natural rock salt products. We are engaged in exporting a wide range of products in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Unique Minerals are the best exporters of Himalayan salt from Pakistan and top salt dealers in Pakistan with various types of Himalayan Salt Exporters in Pakistan. Deals all kind of Natural Himalayan Salt Products from Pakistan.

The List of Himalayan Salt Products is as under: –

  1. Salt Lamps

  2. Edible Salt

  3. Lick Salt

  4. Cooking Plates

  5. Candle Holder

  6. Salt Tequila Glasses

  7. Bath Salt

  8. Salt Tiles

  9. Salt Inhaler

We also manufacture customized items according to the customer’s requirements. Our range of products includes natural salt lamps made of machines, candlesticks, deodorant / disinfectant bars, massage stones, sole salt, bathroom glass, kitchen / barbecue dishes and gourmet salt in granular and fine forms. But our main products are detox lamps, night lights, color changing salt lamps, pyramids, pellets, fire pots, raindrops and iron baskets.

We also offer salt lamps with USB. Thanks to Allah Almighty, our customers are satisfied in more than 30 countries around the world. We are dealing with importers, wholesale buyers and retailers. Our commitment to the needs of our customers is our top priority.

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